Procedure for Filling E-form "FiLLiP"

Mybiz 2/8/2021 2:51:21 AM

Before the filling of E-form, we have to note some important points:

  • First, as per the company rules the applicant have to file FiLLiP or Form 5 within 90 days of reservation the name of LLP.
  • Second, Within 30 days of the date of incorporation, the Form-3 (Procedure for filling) for LLP agreement has to be filed.

Steps for filling:

  1. Download the E-form from .
  2. Fill the SRN, then click on pre-fill and fill the Address of registered office of the LLP (Point.3).
  3. Enter the Business activites to be carried out by the LLP on incorporation i.e. object of LLP.
  4. Then as per NIC-2004, fill the Business activities code.
  5. Mention the designated partner/partner details who have valid DIN/DPIN or not.
  6. And mention the Significance of abbreviated word in the LLP name.
  7. Point 10, add the Total monetary value of contribution by partner in the LLP.
  8. Then attach the followings documents: Proof of address of registered office of LLP, Subscriber sheet including consent, Proof of identity and address of subscribers, Details of LLP/COMPANY in which partner/designated partner is a director/partner

  9. After attaching the above mention documents, we have to attach Digital signature of designated partner and any Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary.