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In general terms, a trademark can be a word, symbol, logo, brand name, label, tagline, number, images, sound etc. used by manufacturers, businesses or service providers to differentiate their products and/or services from those of their competitors.

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We provide regular update with regard to status of your trademark application and help in filing trademark application in the best  possible way.

Usage of TM Symbol

"TM"- After filing TM application anyone can start using TM Symbol                          "®"- Once application is approved, applicant can use®Symbol

Free consultancy

We provide free consultancy with regard to Class in which a Trademark should be applied and any other related matter with regard to Trademark application.


EXCLUSIVE RIGHT- Trademark registration provides owner exclusive right to use the mark in respect of the goods or services falling under the class(es) applied. It also prevents unauthorized use of the trademark by others.

BUILDS TRUST AND QUALITY- The quality of product and/or services are known to everyone that builds trust and goodwill among the customers in the market. It helps in creating and retaining loyal customers who will always opt for the same brand.

DIFFERENTIATE PRODUCT- Through trademark registration customers are able to recognize and differentiate the company’s products and/or services from those of others. It also helps to create a unique identity for the company.

CREATION OF ASSET- Trademark registration creates an intangible asset which appreciate over time. Moreover, a registered trademark can be sold, assigned, franchised or even contracted to another party.

ECONOMICALLY EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION TOOL - It reduces the cost of decision-making by allowing customers to quickly select the product and/or service from those of others. They are one of the few assets that can provide long-term competitive advantage.

GLOBAL REGISTRATION- If a person wants to expand or register a trademark in other countries, trademark registered in India can be used as the basis for registration in other countries as well. It also provides a good base and establishes goodwill in that country.